Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some More Provocations

Best Time of Her Life
Slightly perverted female Israeli soldier exposes her power over blindfolded hand-cuffed Palestinian prisoners in pics on Facebook (this is one interpretation). Officer Eden Abergil's photos will undoubtedly cause a huge outrage, especially in the Arab world - one more provocation.  At the time of posting, this was not available in German speaking online news.
see also France24

Few Days Before - Holocaust Mockery
Haaretz reports: Iran launches cartoon website aimed at questioning the Holocaust, giving the link to a website and stating first that Iran had launched it and later on that the site would be "financed by a non-governmental cultural foundation" - but without giving any source. The European Jewish Press, more carefully, said that "the website is hosted on an Iranian server and, according to media reports, is sponsored by a non-governmental cultural foundation". However, the cartoons are designed for an immense provocation on Jewish side.

Could both events be "state provocations"? Or, more guardedly, products of systematic war propaganda? One might easily be inclined to say so in the case of the Holocaust Mockery. But was Officer Abergil really that stupid to think of no consequences when publishing those photos on one of the world's most frequented social networks?


Anonymous said...

Where are the photos?

base2014 said...

practically everywhere in the www (link to france24 included in the text)

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