Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Western Media Silent on Massive Demonstrations in Israel

It is astonishing, a spooky scene when you look the past few days at the whole assembly of the Western mass-media – how silent they are on the ongoing demonstrations in Israel's major cities, against the failed economic politics of Netanyahu. Tent city, demonstrating doctors, unaffordable housing and foodstuff prices ... New York Times – negative, Washington Post – negative, The Times (London) – negative, Corriere de la Sera (Italy) - negative, NZZ (Switzerland) – negative, FAZ, Spiegel (both Germany) - negative,  ... , few exceptions only, like The Independent, some lines in Le Figaro (France)).
Anybody out there who can explain this?


1) "It is therefore wonderful to see the Israeli flag flying at these demonstrations after it seemed to have become the property of the right-wing settlement movement. The current demonstrations are not only a reflection of social protest. They are Zionist in the deeper sense of a just and humanistic Zionism."  Shlomo Avineri - Social protesters represent real Zionism


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