Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cheap As War Propaganda Might Be

When FBI Director Robert Mueller mentioned that the alleged plotting to murder Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States "reads like the pages of a Hollywood script", he was right. It does. We remember all the dumb Hollywood fabrications illustrating "the Arabs" as devious Bedouin bandits, nervous pistols waiving around gangsters and weapon dealers, secret sleeper cells in the cosy American-Dream neighborhood and sinister sheikhs sponsoring blood-thirsty unshaved fanatic dark-skinned Muslim terrorists (see examples in the below video). Iranians are not Arabs? So what!

This time, the ludicrous Hollywood script brings us additional features like the ominous Quds Force trying to export Iran's Islamic revolution to American soil, collaborating with the most powerful Mexican drug cartel "Los Zetas" by drowning the last remaining - peace spreading - superpower of the world into a sea of opium smuggled from the Middle-East through Mexico. C'mon - you can't be serious!

War propaganda was never so cheap since Colin Powell's lying before the UN General Assembly and Dick Cheney's fabulous 1% rule.

Any evidence presented to the public? No. What for? Any reasonable motive to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in the US? Ah, yes, the Islamic Revolution. Well, c'mon! A more realistic view of the Mullah regime in Iran would be that of Corporate Iran (much like the US). The Mullahs are more rich business men than anything else.

The reason why Mueller described this tale as "reads like the pages of a Hollywood script" was probably because he felt embarrassed by being forced from higher level officials to announce such 1%-nonsense against any rationality.

On the other side - how ridiculous this recent war propaganda may sound to thinking people - the threat of another US-war in the Middle-East region may be real, this time with Israelis participating or - as some bloggers suggest - under their direction. Why? Because of "the uncertainties and dangers of the Arab Spring" for Israel. (Remember Chomsky: "The U.S. and its allies will do anything they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world.")


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