Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak Steps Down From His Throne

Shortly after 17:00 CET, Omar Suleiman - the CIA's man in Cairo – announced in a one-minute speech that Hosni Mubarak has resigned from office and "instructed the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to run the affairs of the country".

base 2014 congratulates the people of Egypt to have succeeded in chasing away the long time oppressor and wishes good luck on the way to social freedom and fairness! Congrats especially to Egypt's Cyber Dissidents!

Just for the record, the following screenshot shows how Austrian television viewers came to know of the historical news of this day:

At exactly 17:02:31 CET, Karim El-Gawhary reporting live from
 Cairo for the Austrian ORF realizes that Mubarak has resigned.

The fate of other countries has shown that getting rid of the dictator himself - as the symbol of oppression - might lead to a balanced prosperous development - as long as his vasalls are banished, too. But Mubarak's henchmen are still in charge. His own party - the NDP -  is still in place.  

On January 28, base2014 suggested Mubarak's NDP to be the next member of the Socialist International to be expelled.

The SI did not name any of the massive crimes committed and/or tolerated by the dictator's party.


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