Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Man in Romania

For all the Russians who didn't believe that Nicolae Ceausescu, the cruel dictator of Romania from 1974 to 1989, maintained warm relations to the USA (and the West in general) during the cold war era – as mentioned by Noam Chomsky in a previous post (see "Egypt Uprising ..."): You may want to take a look at Alina Stefanescu's blog

Like Egypt or Tunesia, Romania under Ceausescu
  • was a tourist destination (Ceausescu eagerly welcomed tourists to the Black sea bringing foreign exchange),
  • the dictator displayed an Israel-friendly Middle-East Politics,
  • he proved his willingness to offer Romanians as cheap wage slaves for joint-ventures with Western firms,
  • he had his torturing and killing secret police ("Securitate") between him and the ordinary people
  • finally lost (financial) reality and left Romanians starving and 
  • fled from the demonstrating crowd by helicopter (before he was finally killed).

Well, and the Queen gave him the Knight Grand Cross - don't forget!



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