Monday, January 16, 2012

ElBaradei - Another Saint of the Western Media

Much ado around ElBaradei quitting the Egyptian Presidential race. In practically every newspaper around the world there are reports and sophisticated political analyses on the Nobel Prize winner going home (wherever that is). But in fact, reality is different. The man is a big fat zero in his country just as Gorbatchov - another Nobelist - in Russia. In contrast to the latter, ElBaradei is probably not that hated figure, but rather insignificant, unnoticed by the Egyptian people. Gorbatchov didn't even reach 1% in the Presidential elections 1996 and ElBaradei would probably not receive more than 2%, as polls in last July showed. We can conclude that the Western Media like more to celebrate their prize-winning stars than to look at the harsh reality, where Salafists and other bearded fanatics are taking over Egypt. But mourning over an unimportant figure does not bring light into the more interesting and decisive processes going on, like the flow of millions of dollars from U.S. allied countries Qatar and Kuwait (and other anti-democratic gulf states) into the cash boxes of Islamistic parties in Egypt

German: Karim El-Gawhary - "Wer sind die Salafisten"


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