Monday, January 31, 2011

Smart Villages and the City of the Dead

There is a reason why Western governments remain silent during the ongoing uprising of the Egyptian people. Under Mubarak's police-state labor was cheap, Egypt a land of wage slaves, an outsourcing paradise, an offshore haven and a money laundering base - in other words, an excellent place for business.

Smart Village Office Building

How precarious the economic situation for the majority of the Egyptians really was and is, can be estimated by recognizing that even if both parents working in textile manufactories could not raise their income above the poverty line:

Smart Village Think Tank Lounge

Not three years ago Egypt received the rather questionable title of

Since 2001, the Smart Villages Company, 80 % owned by the private sector and 20% by Mubarak's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, offers a wide range of decent facilities for foreign groups providing considerably more comfort and elegance than Cairo's City of the Dead.

If you've ever visited Egypt, you know that tourist busses usually pass by the City of the Dead, leaving sun burned guests from all over the world in a short moment of horror after catching a glimpse of the poor shapes between the shadows. (click here for Tourist Info)


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