Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surprising Silence on "Netanyahu the Liar"?

Not much mentioning in Israeli news of Sarkozy calling Netanyahu a liar. Could be sticking to ethical guidelines of journalism, could be something else? In a Jewish Week blog though, there were mentioned additional skeptics towards the current prime minister: Angela Merkel recently and much earlier Bill Clinton as recalled by top US Mideast negotiator Dennis Ross:

Ross described a meeting in Washington with Netanyahu shortly after he became prime minister the first time in 1996. "In the meeting with President Clinton, Netanyahu was nearly insufferable, lecturing and telling us how to deal with the Arabs." Ross recounts that afterwards a frustrated President Clinton remarked, "He thinks he is the superpower and we are here to do whatever he requires."  Ross added, "No one on our side disagreed with that assessment." 


update 2011-11-14
first mention in Haaretz: Why should anyone believe Netanyahu?

"During the course of a condolence visit to one of the Jewish settlements at the end of the 1990s, Netanyahu bragged that he had succeeded in deceiving the Clinton administration during his first term as prime minister, in order to destroy the Oslo Accords. Believing the microphones and cameras had been turned off, Netanyahu related how he had extorted from the Clinton administration, in exchange for the Hebron agreement, a promise that Israel would be the sole entity entitled to define what the "military sites" are that will remain under its control. With a sly smile spread across his face, Bibi added: "I said that as far as I am concerned the entire Jordan Valley is a defined military site," and explained: "Why is this important? Because from that moment I stopped the Oslo Accords.""


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