Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Help Solve an Open Murder Case"

It's certainly a good idea to ask the public for help if specialists (in this case cryptologists) can't get on with a solution to a problem.

On June 30, 1999, Ricky McCormick was found dead. He had been murdered and dumped in a field in Missouri. The only clues regarding this incident were two encrypted notes found with the victim. The FBI is asking the public for help (click here).

Also in science it is not unusual to ask for help: see Foldit - Solve Puzzles for Science. Only in the realm of politics it is still kind of "against the rules" to ask the public for help ...


JOSEPH from SPAIN said...


--I suggest you to do this to solve the problem of FBI about Mccormick. Look note two, last line, said:
+"O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX"

--Can you see which letters are repeated?
--Can you remember HAL 9000?. Then....

+If X= Variations of the letter "C" (MC,C,CK), typical shorthand solution.
+If L= M, m= N and H= I by Caesar code B.
+If O=O, W=W and R=R.
+If 4= four= for and 8= eight= eit= ei= letter "A" by phonetic solution.
+If the hyphen join the letters to a Word; then that means:


--It is the signature, last will and testament of Mccormick. And the master key.

Bye from Barcelona.

All is in:
and a treasure map.

base2014 said...

Muchas Gracias, Joseph! Good luck for further investigations! And don't forget to submit to the FBI: http://forms.fbi.gov/code. (Do they offer some prize?)

base2014 said...

Hola Jose,
I have no idea where home number 35 might be. But I have seen your extended efforts on your blog http://prophecyexperimentalzone.blogspot.de/. Awesome! I have also seen that you joined http://rickymccormickcase.blogspot.de/. I really believe that if people from different corners of the world get together to solve a problem they will have better chances to be successful, even if their mode of working is rather parallel than collaboration. Did you already submit to the FBI?
Kind regards

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