Monday, December 26, 2011

The Hitchens-Blair Debate

This video is kind of a rare document in showing devout former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a more than two hours debate against an atheist journalist and protagonist of secularism Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011), who died on December 15. Politicians - even ex-politicians - are rarely seen in such discussions for one particular reason: every election propagandist or personal PR strategist will advise the politician not to compete with someone who might unmask all or some of his deficits. That's why you practically never see Merkel, Sarkozy, Obama or Geithner in a public event with a competent person who is allowed or willing to speak up against them or their opinions. (Of course, it would have been more than cruel if e.g. Ex-President G.W. Bush had to argue against an expert - competent in whatever realm).
The Hitchens-Blair debate took place in Toronto, November 27, 2010. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this unique document showing the former US bloodhound and Catholic convert* floundering against Christopher Hitchens, well-trained in anti-religious argumentation.

Btw, in a vote after the debate, the audience voted two-to-one in Mr Hitchens' favour.

* Note that during the debate, Hitchens mentioned that "George Bush is someone who, [...] after various experiments in faith, ended up in his wife's church" - which was funny because Blair himself finally ended up in his wife's church, a much discussed move in the UK but he Canadian audience in the present debate obviously did not get this "British" potshot.


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