Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nice Try, Though!

Ron Paul*

In the US they call Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul "isolationist", for many of the rest of the world he's the only serious person at the GOP's parade of clowns, the only one obviously willing to cut into the hegemonic cycle. But, honestly, how naive must people be to believe that only a fraction of the problematic US policy grievances named and shamed in the following ad could be changed by an elected Ron Paul?

Too good to be true. (*For the full transcript click here) Note that the prospect of the USA not dominating the world through destructive power politics might even appear strange and unfamiliar to Ron Paul followers who think it necessary to sell the congressman as one of "misfits" and "troublemakers", like in this rather dubious ad:

Nevertheless, it might be helpful to introduce a broader American audience to the thought of reintegrating into the international community at eye level. It must be feared though that a considerable number of US Americans have already internalized the concept of American Exceptionalism up to a degree virtually excluding any acceptance of the kind of foreign policy Paul is promoting. It is more than likely that all that will remain in the American voter's mind will be the box labelled "extremist" into which Paul has been already  put, at home and abroad: "there is no reason to allow Paul to pretend he is anything but an extremist who is far outside of the mainstream, especially when it comes to issues concerning the U.S.-Israel alliance" (Haaretz).
But eventually, Ron Paul will be proved right when the empire has burned out itself.


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