Sunday, April 15, 2012

If the Iranians Really Want Something from Israel, What Is It exactly?

"Let's talk about the neo-cons. Who has done more damage to Israel than the neo-cons?"

"The American way is always "We don't talk to them!". You take the French on the other hand who have a back-channel to Teheran  right now as we speak. They always talk to their enemies, figure out what they want, see if they can give it and then - once they have decided on a policy in secret - they make it public. And that's what we need to do to Teheran. We really need to find out what they want, how far they're going on this nuclear bomb and what they need from Israel: is it the settlements in the West Bank, is it Israel's nuclear program, is it Lebanon? All these things can be worked out, I think, with the Iranians."

"They [Iran] are not a radical expanding power. They are a traditional state power which wants to be predominant in the Gulf. And they want to be predominant in the Gulf because they believe they have the biggest army, the rim of the Gulf is 90% Shia and they got certain demands."

"I think that we can look at the Iranians and look at the way they have acted in Iraq [...] - they are not suicidal. They're not Al'Qaeda, they don't wanna kill themselves, they could have done an enormous damage to us [...] but they didn't. We have to look at their recent record. We have to look at their record in Lebanon: in spite of the 2006 war they have stepped back from confrontation. They have stepped back from confrontation in Gaza [...]. So I see them as much more accommodating to a grand bargain than I would for instance the Taliban or Al'Qaeda or even huge parts of Saudi-Arabia - they just don't like us - there is a clash of civilizations there - there isn't with Iran. The Iranians are the only country in the Middle-East that really like us ... the Iranian people, not the regime."

These quotations of ex-CIA case officer in the Middle-East Robert Baer stem from a conversation in 2009, at a time when demonstrations against the clerical government took place in Teheran. Much of what Baer says represents a refreshing antidote to the world-wide mass media infotainment and war propaganda currently poisoning international politics. One of the striking questions asked in the video below is simply "What exactly do the Iranians want from Israel?" Note that this question is rarely asked in public debates and practically never by folks blinded by the notorious "wipe off the map" phrase and its endless repetitions.

Note also that in this video, Baer conjectures (at 46:25) that Iran's clerical regime might deliberately goad Israel into an attack on Iran in order to produce an "external threat/enemy", strengthening and confirming the Mullah's dominion inside Iran's not so stable power structure. This possibility has been only recently considered by others: see Former CIA Officials Say Iran’s Clerics Want to Goad Israel Into an Attack. (Sounds too adventurous though and too self-destructive)

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