Sunday, April 1, 2012

Listen Carefully to Mr. Blix!

Another important document regarding the war propaganda against Iran: Hans Blix, former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, talks about the the US government's use of faked evidence before the Iraq war and the duty of the agency to thoroughly review and present to the public the "information" passed to them by various secret services. (A damn good advice!) Blix also points out his doubts in respect to the infamous "wipe off the map" saying (still being repeated ad nauseam by Western politicians and  mass media infotainment). He makes clear what it means to get near to a decision to produce nuclear weapons and to effectively produce them and mentions the reluctance of any country to let each of their military sites be inspected by a 3rd party. Blix states that in the 1980ies the Iranians "were denied the import of enriched uranium for their research reactor. They tried to buy it from the US and paid but they didn't get it and they didn't get the money back. So they can say that there is some justification that they do not rely the outside world to deliver and that this is the background why they start their own ... "

Lots of interesting information and memorable statements in this Al Jazeera interview, essentially consistent with the summary given by German Jürgen Elsässer in the previous post.

"As you know, it is easy to start a military affair but it is much more difficult what happens the day after."
Hans Blix


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